My Hero, My Inspiration

Senator Edward Kennedy’s extraordinary life has come to an end. The extraordinary good that he did, his visions will live on. Because of him, I became an active supporter of Serve America Act. I am presently a Research Consultant volunteer of Global Neuroscience Initiative Foundation (GNIF). Through Serve.Gov and through my other volunteer works, by mere luck I met Dr. Richard Heller, the program coordinator of, People’s Open Access Educational Initiative on Public Health. I am now enrolled for the fall and will be taking a graduate course on Public Health. With our present economic situation, I cannot afford at this time to take a Graduate Education through traditional means nor complete Boston University’s Graduate Program in Clinical Investigation, but I will move on to continue the visions of Senator Edward Kennedy. Uncle Ted-‘a Defender of a Dream’ will always be my hero and my inspiration.
Through our perseverance, his roar will continue to be amplified to protect and serve the sick, the weak, the poor and the voiceless. His compassionate roar will always remain in my heart. The dream, his dream, our dream shall never die.


August 26, 2009. 1. Leave a comment.