Energizing A Greener America “DOA’s $620 million budget, the best and greenest Black Friday Deal”

On our way to join our family for Thankgiving in Las Cruces New Mexico, I was mesmerized by the blades of the wind turbine circling gracefully as if it is being caressed and kissed gently by the Texas breeze, So we decided to make a quick stop and I playfully posed in front of my wife’s camera with my imaginary all electric Brammo Enertia with the wind turbine as the backdrop. Our daughter asked us to stay a little longer to enjoy the sight of immense wind turbines silhouetted against the skies of Sweetwater Texas. The ever-present breeze that sweeps the treeless Texas landscapes has been overtaken by hundreds of wind turbines that produces electricity for the distant city dwellers and new income for rural residents. The sight of the white wind turbines while the light of sun glinting across the horizon is like poetry in motion. The Department of Energy’s initiative to help the private sectors to build a smart integrated grid will allow the energy generated from wind and solar farms to be diverted in a national scale.
The visions of President Obama and other green pioneers like Craig Bramscher of Brammo Inc. & Boone Pickens gives us a new sense of hope and believe that our difficulty we face today will lead us to great success later on. The goal of sustainable America is to reduce our dependence on foreign oil; oil we import from countries which are in unstable regions, unfriendly to the United States, or both. The Pickens Plan is the only plan on the table to accomplish that goal. The Pickens Plan has had three major pillars. The first pillar is to produce more electricity from renewable sources. Wind and solar are the principal sources. We can produce well over 20 percent of the electrical energy we need by building out the capacity for generation in the Wind Corridor which stretches from Texas to the Canadian border, and the Solar Corridor through the desert Southwest. A necessary part of being able to utilize the energy produced by wind and solar, is the construction of a 21st century electricity transmission grid to get the electrons from where they are being generated to the population centers where they are needed. The second pillar is energy conservation. Adding insulation to residential and commercial buildings, using new-types of light bulbs and modern temperature controls, weather stripping windows and doors are all a part of saving energy. Energy saved, is energy which never has to be imported. The third pillar is to utilize the astonishing amounts of natural gas which are now available for recovery in the continental United States. Recent reports have indicated the energy available from natural gas in the U.S. is the equivalent of the amount of energy available from all the oil in Saudi Arabia. Utilizing that natural gas – and its cousin, propane – for everything from energy generation to manufacturing to powering tractors and lawnmowers can make a real impact on our oil imports. But the major new use of natural gas must come from replacing heavy trucks – 18-wheelers – which run on imported diesel with domestic natural gas. About 70 percent of the oil we import is used as gasoline or diesel for transportation. We can use our enormous natural gas supplies as a temporary bridge until batteries and hydrogen fuels come on-line to power our national wheeled fleets.
“What investments in the Smart Grid can mean for American economy”. Investments in the smart grid and other related target investment areas will create thousands of new job opportunities that will include manufacturing workers, engineers, electricians, equipment installers, IT system designers, cyber security specialists, and business and power system analysts. The sound economic principles of a green new deal such as the Pickens Plan other green investments initiated by companies like Brammo Inc. will drive our crippled economy back to its feet. Even more, the $620 million budget of the Department of Energy to fund projects around the country to demonstrate advanced Smart Grid technologies became the best greener Black Friday deal that America can get from the Obama Administration.


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