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Impetus of Change

The Big Three US automakers’ push toward green – seems to be too much too late, too little, or too late. Many years ago the “big three” had a choice to make a risk, redesigning their cars based on a technology at that time was just in its infancy. Foreign car makers like Toyota took the risk, but the Big Three did not. They are now taking the blows of the ramification of not taking the risk. Today, it is our chance to take the same risk not only for the future of our children, but also for the future of our country and the whole world. This is not the time for us to wait and see. This is the time for action. I volunteered and campaigned for Barack Obama because of his vision for the future. In his inaugural address, President Obama called on us to utilize our wind and solar resources to generate electricity. The U.S. wind corridor is a huge swath of the Great Plains which runs, two states wide, from northern Texas to the Canadian border. The time is now; the time is now for us to forget the past, drop our political ideology, the time is now to make the move for America. ”The real impetus of change is our openness to accept the evolution of our common conviction that it is not about what a party could do for our country, but what we could do together as a nation.” Every dream comes from a speck of hope. It is through hope where we gain our strength to make a change. Then it is through change where we can make this country great again.


February 19, 2009. Alternative Energy. 3 comments.